Overtown Cookbook


The Historic Overtown Public Health Empowerment (H.O.P.E.) Collaborative is a project run by Booker T. Washington Senior High School students and teachers who have joined efforts with scholars and volunteers from Overtown in order to create a cookbook with modified recipes. The students try the recipes in their cooking class with teachers to make them easy to follow. The dishes capture the flavorful, creative taste palate of meals unique to the South Florida community while remaining healthy.

The recipes featured on H.U.M.S. are part of the Overcook Curriculum and a sample of what is included in the Overbook Cookbook, available for purchase on Amazon.com here. For more information on H.O.P.E., please visit Overtown Cookbook.

Here are a sample of the recipes from the Overtown Cookbook:
Amarylis’s Apple Crisp
Bahamian Macaroni & Cheese
Barbecue Chicken
Collard Greens
Curried Chicken
Mango Banana Smoothie with Granola
Sweet Potato Pie
Tangela’s Conch Salad
Tony’s Blackened Salmon
Tony’s French Toast

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